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This level is for mastering players, you will learn advanced techniques such as advanced music composition, arrangement, and orchestration. You will also learn more advanced rhythm patterns and time signatures, as well as more advanced music theory and notation. Additionally, you will learn teaching and instruction techniques and how to train and condition other guitar players.


The Ikkyū guitar course is designed to build on the skills and concepts learned in the previous levels and to introduce students to more advanced techniques. The curriculum covers the following topics:

  • Advanced guitar techniques: students will learn advanced guitar techniques such as tapping, hybrid picking, and sweep picking.
  • Advanced music theory: students will learn more about advanced harmony, including dissonant harmony, harmonic functions, and chord-scales relationships.
  • Advanced ear training: students will learn advanced ear training techniques, including transcribing complex melodies, solos, and chord progressions by ear, and identifying intervals, chords and scales by ear.
  • Advanced music production: students will learn advanced techniques in music production, including sound design, mixing, and mastering for different music genres and styles.
  • Advanced music notation and composition: students will learn advanced techniques in music notation and composition, including arranging, orchestration, and notation software for different music genres and styles.

Throughout the course, students will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in practical exercises, play-alongs with backing tracks and in class performance opportunities, and also in recording their own music.

Course Currilcum

  • Intermediate principles of teaching and instruction Unlimited
  • Mastery of training and conditioning Unlimited
  • Mastery of music theory & ear training Unlimited
  • Mastery of performance techniques Unlimited
  • Mastery of music reading and notation Unlimited
  • Mastery of improvisation Unlimited
  • Mastery of music arrangement for guitar Unlimited
  • Mastery of music production for guitar Unlimited
  • Mastery of music composition for guitar Unlimited
  • Mastery of music arranging for different genres Unlimited
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